OrthoVet Splint

OrthoVet splints are designed to support a wide variety of lower limb injuries such as fractures, arthritis, carpus support, tendon and ligament, Achilles tendon injuries, and much more!

  • Product Features
  • Flexible light weight design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Soft Foam Lining
  • Premium strap pads
  • Waterproof

Flexi Rear Limb

OrthoVet is proud to present the new Rear Flexi Splint for dogs. Unlike any other pet orthotic on the market you get flexibility and comfort with this new design. Does your pet have a mild sprain or strain to the rear limb or just need extra support and protection? The Flexi Splint is a great option! The rear flexi splint is available in sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Flexi Front Limb

  • OrthoVet Flexi Splints are designed to support mild sprains and strains to the carpal or wrist joint; they are ideal for front limb carpal support.

Carpal Splint

The OrthoVet “Carpal Splint” is a light weight brace designed to support the carpal joint. Ideal for tendon and ligament damage and stabilization after surgical procedures. Note: The carpal splint will support the wrist or carpus only and does not extend under the foot or paw of the animal. If full lower limb bracing is needed, please see our Standard Front Limb Splint.