Provizor – Optivizor



Giving an alternative to the unneeded cruelty of the Elizabethan Collar.

The Optivizor will help to protect the eyes and face.

Some owners take extra effort to care for their best friend and they find a way to make a difficult time bearable.

It is usually the same people that track down the OPTIVIZOR. Each are designed to help dogs recover in the most comfort possible.

Made from clear PVC and plastic, they are available in multiple sizes and can be wiped clean easily.

The only product on the market designed to fit your dogs anatomy and follow their natural movements.

We would like your dogs to be able to do what they do best, be themselves!

Usage :

1) Blind Dogs and special vision dogs

Blind dogs can see with their hearts and the Optivizor makes sure they can touch, bump and feel their away around without fear of injury. It has also made a great difference to blind dogs around the world. It is also available in a light blue tint for dogs suffering from Pannis or requiring medical grade

protection from the Sun.

2) After eye and facial surgery

It is great to be able to help dogs after eye injury or facial surgery. The Optivizor protective vizor can help your pet during their rehabilitation.

Recovering in comfort

3) Variety of Sizes

Just as dogs come in various shapes and sizes, so does the Optivizor.

It is available from a tiny size (puppies and teacups) all the way up to X-Large (Bull Mastiffs and such). Not only that it can cater to three different types of face shapes, short snouted, normal snouted and long snouted breeds.

Product Benefits :

1) Ease for the owner. Each size is now color coded for an easy selection.

The Optivizor features a Velcro collar and chin strap. It’s a quick fit. Adjustable at the neck, the sides and peel of points for length!

2) The NEW Optivizor is now 50% lighter than the original design

3) The head rest has been ergonomically designed to form around the curvature of the dog’s head ensuring greater comfort and stability. The entire unit moves with the dog’s head and doesn’t flop about! It clears face and eyes allowing nice air flow.

4) Preventing echo, the ears sit outside the vizor! Yes, your dog can now hear, the way a dog should hear! Not to mention no more yeast infections!

Also, it worth noting, your special friend can now get in and out of his/her doggy door!