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PawFlex™ bandages are a disposable, non adhesive, breathable, soft, super stretch bandage with a wound pad already attached. It is the first “all in one” “ready to go” bandage for dogs. It’s Easy On Easy Off feature makes PawFlex™ the easiest bandage to use. PawFlex™ bandages double catch fastener offers maximum adjustability and security.

Because there are no adhesives tugging at their fur and the fabric is soft like cotton your dog will be totally comfortable in PawFlex™ bandages and forget that they even have one on.

Yes, thanks to the unique double catch fastener, super stretch material and non slip grip, PawFlex™ was designed to stay on. We also offer in every box PawFlex™ bandages protector/cover. The cover is tubular which means no ends to unravel or open.

Pawflex™ is made from a super soft and high stretch material that molds, flexes and moves gently with your dog throughout their daily activities. And of course, Non adhesive means no fur pulling.

PawFlex™ bandages are water resistant which means they will repel water unless fully submerged. You needn’t worry about bandage becoming waterlogged from licking or rain drops. Because they are not fully waterproof they maintain good breathability at all times.

PawFlex™ bandages create a clean environment for your dogs wound to heal. Because they are water resistant and breathable there will be no moisture build up which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Your dog will also not be tempted to lick or bite because of the discomfort of adhesives. Also, because changes are so easy, it is likely that they will be more frequent when using PawFlex™ bandages.

Simply stated; PawFlex™ is in a class by itself. Traditional methods of bandaging have been with adhesive tape and gauze or cohesive wraps and gauze. Pawflex™ is the first all in one bandage without adhesives. While the traditional methods are time consuming to put on and take off , Pawflex™ is truly easy on easy off. Traditional bandaging usually needs to be removed with a scissor and plenty of fur pulling which causes pain, discomfort and stress. PawFlex™ bandages require you to just lift the velcro-type tab and release. That’s literally all it takes. PawFlex™ can be secured over a wound in 1 second flat and released in less than a second…PAINLESSLY. What bandage on todays market can do that?

Dogs aren’t just our business …They’re our family. Your dogs safety and health is important to us.

Because we love our dogs and know you love yours please follow The PawFlex™ bandage check list protocol below.

  • Always follow your veterinary prescription.
  • Always cleanse wound area before applying medicine and PawFlex™ bandage.
  • Always make sure you can comfortably place at least 1 finger between your dog and PawFlex™ bandage. You don’t want bandage too tight or too lose.
  • Try to change, cleanse and re apply medicine 3 times a day unless otherwise prescribed.
  • If your pet licks or bites his bandage we recommend you use PawFlex™ Protector/cover which comes included in every PawFlex Basic and Joint bandage boxes.